Joshua Perets

  • It's all about being authentic and having fun. Being aware of the trends and bending the rules. Embrace an urban lifestyle with JOSHUA PERETS.


Joshua Perets

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Sirens Fashions, a one stop shop for all of today's hottest ladies fashions and accessories including t-shirts, shorts, dress pants, denim, jackets, coats, sweaters and more! All of Sirens fashions are affordable for today's working women.


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Designed for the free spirited teenage girl, Garage offers effortlessly stylish, casual daytime clothing. The experience embodies great music, buzz-worthy looks and a fun, comfortable space for teen girls to relax with friends while experimenting with the latest fashion finds.

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Welcome to The Smart Set. From wear to work separates and denim to essentials and accessories, we offer the latest styles in women’s fashion for you to mix, match & innovate! We’re a style destination where young women come together to inspire and be inspired. Averaging 3,400 sq. ft., The Smart Set environment offers a social shopping experience that sparks creativity, confidence and effortless personal style. With more than 135 stores and a carefully curated fashion collection, we invite you to embrace your one-of-a-kind cool and share with us the art of styling and the fun of shopping. Individual and in-the-know, we’re on top of our lives and the latest in fashion. We’re inspired by art, culture, the world, and most importantly, each other. It’s our differences that make being together so inspiring. We are The Smart Set. We’re fabulous on our own. But we’re better together.