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Get Crafty this Christmas!

Looking for a little festive fun? Try some of these cute and cool craft ideas on Instagram that can easily dress up your space for the holidays!

1. Where can you keep your cookie cutters when you’re not busy making gingerbread or shortbread? On your tree of course! String ’em along a wall with a little string or ribbon. Instant ornaments!

2. No room for a tree? How about a ladder instead! You can hang your holiday decorations on the rungs and you can even put a star on top. Best part is that come January, there won’t be any pine needles to pick up!

3. Drop ordinary pillar candles into clear containers of any size or shape, then just glue on the greenery. Easy-pleasey holiday glow!

4. Go natural with a DIY table runner. Start with greens and add colour and texture with tasty edibles like nuts, candy or fruit, like these vibrant pomegranates. Also unique because pieces of it will certainly disappear!

5. Think of it as a puzzle, a craft, a woodworking project or a festive decoration. This one ticks all the boxes. Make one for your family, and if the kids want in, make a whole team of these reindeer!

6. What can you do with those random little ornaments? Create a winter wonderland out of simple glass saltshakers and Mason jars.

7. Here’s a new way to fold holiday napkins. Warning: prepare ahead – it takes a bit of time but it’s so worth it. The only downside? No one’s going to want to shake out these holiday trees to put the napkins on their laps.

8. No candlestick holders? No problem. Get creative with some cookie cutters. Fill them with some coloured stones, coffee beans, chunks of candy cane, or a bit of moss, like the ones pictured.

9. There’s a little Santa’s elf in all of us, right? Enjoy this simple woodworking project that also allows you to express your artistic side – perfect to do on an afternoon alone or as a craft with the kids.

10. Take your gift wrapping up a peg with this rustic finishing touch. And it does double duty: the star will make a nice tree ornament for next holiday season!

11. One lint roller, some kraft paper, a little twine and some creativity. That’s what you call instant holiday – all wrapped up! Carve up the roller into a favourite design, roll it on an ink pad and then on paper.

12. Here’s the latest – chalkboard paper! Use chalk or a chalk pen, and if you make a mistake, it wipes right off. A fun way to personalize your packages.

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