Personal Styling

We like to get carried away with fashion!

Why a stylist? 

Do you dread the dresser, and feel every morning like you have nothing to wear? Do you love to rock the season’s emerging trends, but sometimes struggle to work them into your wardrobe? Or maybe you just had a little one, and you need to make some changes to keep up with them while remaining stylish? 

Or maybe you just want to make your shopping trips count, to know that every last piece you bring home will make you absolutely glow, every time you wear it. That’s what we’re here for.


The session

Your personal style session will begin with a brief consultation, during which our stylist will discuss your lifestyle, budget and personal wardrobe needs. Once all this is established, just pick a time that works for you to shop! Our stylist will then prepare a few pieces from our Bayshore retailers that will suit you and your budget, and then guide you through the centre, focusing on the colours, trends, silhouettes that work best for you. When you invest in your style, it elevates every area of your life. And you’ll never look back.

Book your session today!

Please contact us at [email protected]. Our Stylists will respond to you to confirm your booking.