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In 2018, when Marcelo and Ana moved to Canada from Brazil, they brought with them their love of sports, nature, and a healthy lifestyle. One thing they missed, though, was AÇAÍ: the delicious and nutritious Brazilian superfruit.

So they decided to bring açaí to Canada and, thus, AKAÍ Bowl was born: a small family business that now links the two countries and their shared love of nature.

“We want to introduce Canada to this amazing superfruit, connecting people here to native populations of the Amazon region, while helping to protect our rainforest from deforestation.”  

We believe that, by providing a source of income to native populations of the Amazon region, other than income from timber exploitation, we help protecting the rainforest biodiversity.


What is Açaí? 

Known as the Brazilian “superfruit”, AÇAÍ comes from the açaí palm tree, found on the riverbanks of the Amazon rainforest. This dark purple fruit, a staple in the diet of the native populations of the Amazon region, is famous for its high nutritional value and overall health benefits. Studies show that açaí pulp is a better source of antioxidants than other berries and a good source of iron, fibre, vitamin E, and potassium. 

In addition to being healthy and delicious, our açaí is also a sustainable product. From harvesting to the final product, all is done in accordance with social responsibility practices, for the benefit of local communities and the environment.



The cookies, jellies and chocolates are produced by FRUTOS DA AMAZÔNIA, a Brazilian company founded in 1994, which promotes the sustainable development of riverside communities and cooperatives from Amazonia, that manage the rainforest without destroying it. To make it possible, there is a close relationship with local small farmers' cooperatives, potters and artisans. 

With a work that combines flavor, aesthetics and imagery of the forest, FRUTOS DA AMAZÔNIA has been gaining supporters and fans for its delicious products in Brazil and worldwide. Amazon provides a unique sensory experience due to its variety of fruits with particular flavors. 

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