• Lundi Fermé
  • Mardi Fermé
  • Mercredi Fermé
  • Jeudi Fermé
  • Vendredi Fermé
  • Samedi Fermé
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Nos heures d'ouverture peuvent varier durant les fériés.

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Nous sommes fermés jusqu'au moins le 7 avril. Les locataires offrant des services essentiels restent cependant ouverts. En savoir plus.

An obsessive pursuit of fine craftsmanship. Real Fruit Bubble Tea specializes in handcrafted fruit drinks and fresh teas that are brewed from loose leaf and espresso tea machines alongside a variety of toppings. Our fruit drinks are strictly made with real fruit processed on-site where our versatile staff are trained to acquire a vast understanding of fruit management to create the ideal drink for each guest with swift service

  • Lundi 12h00 - 19h00
  • Mardi 12h00 - 19h00
  • Mercredi 12h00 - 19h00
  • Jeudi 12h00 - 19h00
  • Vendredi 12h00 - 19h00
  • Samedi 12h00 - 19h00
  • Dimanche 12h00 - 17h00